how to lose body fat

How to lose fat and build muscle?

In fact, there is no loss of localized fat. If you want to lose belly fat, will not get through excess abdominal. Want your legs and arms defined? Then should follow the same logic.

Fat loss is systemic

Your body does not discriminate where it will get the energy reserves (fat). He is constantly mobilize and store fat around your body at all times of the day. The fat storage patterns vary from person to person. There are a number of factors that influence the location where you store most of their fat.

The most important factors are certainly the levels of hormones and their genetics. Its proportion of testosterone in relation to estrogen and the sensitivity of your body to insulin plays a big role in your fat storage. Being male or female is crucial too. This pattern of fat storage as the genre has a lot to do with the hormones of differences in our bodies.

Because you can not lose fat located? It is physiologically impossible

When you train, hormones and enzymes responsible for fat loss are released into the bloodstream. Within a few seconds are dispersed throughout the body. For example, you start doing sit-ups with the hope that this fat is burned.

Instead, in response to the muscle being contracted, the body releases hormones mobilization of fat, due to the need of energy. These hormones, which are now all over the body, in seconds, begin to seek energy (fat) of whole body.

If you think that all your fat is stored in your belly or your ass, despite his effort to burn fat, this is just an illusion. You are actually losing fat in the entire body, but results tend to occur in areas where it has the least amount of fat. Remember, as previously explained, people have a pattern of different fat which hold most of your fat.

We therefore believe it is important that often do body fat tests throughout your weight loss program. Using a body fat caliper will have proof that is actually getting rid of the fat in these areas located and difficult loss.

How to lose belly fat quick?

If you want to lose belly fat, you need to keep a balanced plan of exercise and nutrition. You need to put your body into a hormonal state so you can mobilize your fat stores. How are you doing with that?

Your diet should have a calorie deficit and aim to improve insulin sensitivity so that your body's fat mobilizing hormones can begin to circulate in the bloodstream.

As your insulin sensitivity improves, you need less and less insulin to transport glucose from carbohydrates (and proteins) to your cells. Down insulin levels, your body is then able to release fatty acids. It cannot do that when insulin levels are high, since insulin is a storage hormone.

Your training plan should be focused on using compound movements that will challenge your whole body. Use exercise that activates the largest possible number of muscle fibers. Do not fear the effort. Train with high intensity, and not worry so much about the area to burn fat.

Now that you know these facts, focus on being consistent, balanced, work hard, and make sure you are eating the right foods to put your body into a state of fat burning.

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