Training for women exercises to burn fat

Training for women: exercises to burn fat

It does not go to the gym? No problem there. Everything you need to stay with a very sharp muscle definition is only your own body. It provides sufficient strength to stay with a sculptural and defined body.

The secret to tone and define your body is to involve as many muscle groups in your exercises and perform them with high intensity, that is, with little time to rest in between. In this workout plan we suggest, you will make a saving exercise, using your body weight, followed by a high intensity cardiovascular exercise for the same muscle group. 
This training method will help to increase lean body mass and decrease body fat, by mobilizing a large number of muscle fibers.

Training Planning: Complete this routine 3 times a week, giving at least one day of rest between each workout session.

Complete the two exercises each superset (superset) without rest between the first and second year. Between each superset rest 1-2 minutes. For both years of supersets, complete as many repetitions as you can in 60 seconds time frame. Follow this pattern until completing 2 or 3 full circuits.

Superset 1 - lunges + Squat with a jump

Sink: (a) - Move your feet to the width of the hips and place hands on hips. (b) - Take a step forward with the right leg and slowly lower your body until your right knee bend at an angle of at least 90 degrees. Push the foot back to starting position and repeat with the left leg. You have just completed one repetition of the exercise. Repeat this exercise with the opposite leg.

Squat jump: (a) - Move your feet to the width of the hips, with your toes pointing forward. Tap lightly with your fingers behind the ears and extend your elbows out to the sides. Always bend your knees slightly. (b) - Make an explosive movement, jumping as high as you can. (c) - Land softly and, soon after, run the next squat.

Superset 2 - Bending + Mountain Climbers with both feet

Flexion: (a) - Put yourself in the pushup position, with your feet hip width and hands with a slightly higher spacing shoulder width apart. Your body should form a straight line from head to heels. (b) - Lower the body until your chest nearly touching the ground. Take a short break and then push the body back up to the starting position as quickly as possible. You have just completed one repetition of the exercise.

Mountain Climbers with both feet: (a) Place your arms at your sides and spread your feet hip-width. (b) - With a quick movement, jump with both feet forward bending your knees and placing his hands on the floor next to him. (c) - Re-launch the fleet quickly returning back to the starting position. You have just completed one repetition of the exercise.

Superset 3 - Squat Plié + Jumping Jacks

Squat Plié: (a) - Stand with a gap higher legs shoulder width apart and your toes pointed out. Place your hands lightly on your hips. (b) - Push your hips back and lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Take a short break and then slowly return to starting position. You have just completed one repetition of the exercise.

Jumping Jacks: (a) - Stand with a gap of slightly lower legs shoulder width apart. Place your arms on your sides. (b) - Then and simultaneously raise your arms to the sides and over your head and jump so that the foot end with a higher clearance shoulder width apart. Without stopping, quickly reverse the movement. Just completed a repeat.

Superset 4 - Side plank + sitting Rotation

Side Plank: Lie on the floor, extend and add your legs and keep your body straight. Lift the hips, leaning on one hand and stretch the other, to help maintain balance. Get the maximum time possible in side plank position. Just completed this exercise.

Sitting rotation: (a) - Sit on the floor with your legs in front, knees bent and feet without touching the ground. Lean back at an angle of 45 degrees and keep your arms straight in front of your chest with your palms against each other (b) - Slowly rotate your torso to the right and (c) then rotate to the left. You have just completed one repetition of the exercise.


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