training to burn fat know the Tabata protocol

Training to burn fat

 A study by the American College and published in Shape Magazine shows that a high-intensity training with intervals, called HIIT, can have many benefits in burning fats. This is because an interval training, in which alternate high intensity, has a positive effect with regards to the burning of calories.

What is Tabata protocol?

The Tabata protocol is a simple cardiovascular workout that promises to improve performance and fitness in 5 minutes a day and is worth a 60 minute workout. It can be done anytime and anywhere, the important thing is to respect the rules. This method was initially developed with scientific bases to train speed skaters on ice by the Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata and his colleagues from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports. The series combines 20 seconds of intense exercise and 10 seconds of rest with an 8 repeating series.

They observed a constant burning of calories during a period of 24 hours after this workout. Try the exercises in the morning: in addition to spend the day losing calories will time your body to recover until the next day.

Benefits of Tabata protocol

The Tabata study shows that this training 4-20 minute performance has the same benefits of a 30-minute run, and show positive results in weight loss, strengthening and increasing metabolism. Its effectiveness is proven by combining aerobic (with long duration and low intensity exercise) and anaerobic (with exercise of short duration and high intensity).

One of the advantages is that you can do any training that you're already used to, except the treadmill. The speed on the treadmill takes to increase, so it is not indicated by wasting time in this setting. Earlier give preference to simple exercises like jogging, abdominal, squats and jumping jacks.

Start with 2 sessions and, after getting used to pass for 4 sessions per week. The initiation must be in phases. It is natural that you cannot complete the 8 series the first time. A tip is to build a record of exercises done and your measurements, thus can analyze their evolution. It is also important to warm up before you start your workout. Special care should be taken if beginner, rest assured your cardiovascular contribution.


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